Hannah Sowd | Skin Care & Massage


Hannah Sowd Skin Care is a one room studio located in a shared storefront in the Lower Pacific Heights district of San Francisco.


Our goal is to provide effective skin care treatments and body work with a focus on education and prevention.


We believe, with proper knowledge and lifestyle habits, everyone can have confidence in their skin's health and feel comfortable in their bodies.


We skillfully  combine targeted therapies including Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion to correct and prevent conditions such as acne, pigmentation and premature aging. We are the only studio in the Bay Area certified by Dermaculture to perform the Deep Skin Ionization technique.

We work with several skin care product lines including our own, sowd:therapy for skin. Free of sulfates, parabens and formaldehyde releasing preservatives, these highly effective products are formulated with your health and the health of our planet in mind.


We employ a unique combination of techniques to cater to each clients' specific needs.

Hannah has an extensive history working with clients who are dealing with chronic pain. Her work centers around releasing muscle tension to allow the body to move freely and heal itself.



Hannah Sowd, a licensed esthetician and certified massage therapist since 1996, combines her varied work history and extensive education to provide results oriented skin care treatments and therapeutic body work. Hannah embraces a holistic approach which is  centered around preventative maintenance.

As a teenager Hannah suffered from hereditary acne, she received facials  from an esthetician which piqued her interest in skin care. Her skin problems eventually led her to a dermatologist where she noticed a profound disconnect between the two professions.

The dermatologist didn't approve of the esthetician's treatments and vice versa but Hannah thought "I'm getting results from the combination of treatments, what would it be like if they were able to work together?". Fast forward twenty years and, thankfully, that is becoming a reality.

In 1998, Hannah learned a new treatment from Europe that was gaining popularity in the states; microdermabrasion. This marked a major turning point in the skin care industry and Hannah's career. Microdermabrasion was one of the first effective, affordable treatment options for acne scars and wrinkles and helped bridge the gap between the spa and the doctors office. Years later, it remains one of the most popular treatments in the industry as well as on the menu at Hannah Sowd Skin Care.

For eight years, Hannah ran the skin care department at the Spa at The Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. The fast paced environment centered around "awards show season" and catered to the Hollywood elite, providing cutting edge, effective yet relaxing treatments.

When Hannah decided to move home to Northern California, she took her career in a new direction and accepted a position practicing skin care in a plastic surgery office. The world of plastic surgery wasn't the best fit so she moved on to build a part-time practice in a dermatology office in downtown San Francisco. Always curious about owning her own business, Hannah transition to a full time private practice in 2012.

Hannah Sowd Skin Care is the embodiment of Hannah's diverse experience and education, providing effective, relaxing, customized treatments and high quality skin care products.